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Lakewood Ranch inventors hitting the big time with specialty candle

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MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. -- A Lakewood Ranch family that's been inventing and making unique products for years is celebrating, because one of their products is being sold in area Walmart stores.

In a the garage of a Lakewood Ranch home, mixed between the bicycles and grand kids toys are boxes and boxes and more boxes.

“This is the warehouse. Do you see a car? No!” says Ruth Brown with a laugh. She is the creator and designer of the Amazing Candle, a novelty birthday candle that when lit, emits sparks igniting 14 miniature candles while slowly spinning and playing Happy Birthday.

The Amazing Candle

Every morning before heading off to their full time jobs, Ruth and her husband Stan fill orders received the night before.  “I get up in the morning and check the computer and it is very exciting to see those orders coming in.”

The Browns have been developing products for 40 years, and tell ABC 7 the Amazing Candle is their best idea yet.  “I think this is the one that really hits the mark with people. It just creates a little amazing point in your life, we all have birthdays over 820,000 every day in the us alone,” said Stan.

The Browns have been redesigning, marketing and selling the Amazing Candle for over six years and finally made it to the holy grail of retail: Walmart.

“And I got my first invoice stamped received by Walmart so as I delivered the candles they stamp it and it was like the happiest day. It was like yay, we have made it,” said Ruth.

The Amazing Candle is selling in the “As Seen on TV” section and in the bakery of four Manatee County Walmart stores for $6.98.

If sales go well, Ruth Brown says she hopes her Amazing Candle will soon be sold at every Walmart store in the country.

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