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Lakewood Ranch farmer's market

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LAKEWOOD RACH, Fla. -- Something is happening on Main Street in Lakewood Ranch that has not happened for several years and its drawing more people to the community.

"This is our life, this is what we do. We have to have a farmers market," stated Seema Sanchez.

Seema Sanchez owns OMG Sanchez Sauces.

"We buy our fresh produce from local markets."

A local “Kickin Dippin Sauces” company, that relies heavily on events like this one.

"All farmers markets, at festivals anywhere they'll take them, we'll sell them."

For the last three years, there hasn’t been a farmers market in Lakewood Ranch, according to Jennifer McCarfferty who spearheaded the renewal of the market. One of the main goals is to bring more people into the ever growing Lakewood Ranch.

"They come, they see the vendors, and they shop. They may go visit the other stores, so it’s a great situation to bring the people in."

Bringing people into shops like "shirts and stones" on main street.

"We did have a lot more traffic than normal Saturdays when nothing is going on," stated Ashley Piowlski, manager of Shirts and Stones.

Drawing attention to a new business, trying to get off the ground, anything that brings more business to us and gets our name out there more helps."

This is all a part of a larger scale--as Lakewood Ranch grows. In fact, it ranks in the top 10 in the nation for the most rapidly growing communities, with expansion of businesses and housing developments popping up throughout the area. That takes us back to the farmer’s market-- where businesses like OMG Sanchez Sauces and the Pure Florida apiary find their honey.

"We bring it right from the farm, right from the field to your little markets."

The farmers market will continue through December and organizers say they hope it will continue to draw more people to the Lakewood Ranch community.