Lake Manatee dam suffering from erosion

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MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. - County officials say they will be taking measures to repair a damaged area around the dam at Lake Manatee.

A private consultant has told the county that due to erosion, a four-to-five day rain event could compromise the 50-year-old dam.

"Without intervention, a significant rainfall event could compromise the dam," said County Commissioner Larry Bustle. “While there’s no cause for immediate alarm, we wanted to waste no time in notifying the public of the measures being taken."

Lake Manatee is located just off State Road 64 in eastern Manatee County, and is just upstream of the Manatee River.

Manatee County notified the 18 property owners in the immediate areas of the spillway of the situation today. There are no special precautions for residents along the Manatee River at this time.

"Nothing like that has ever happened before," said Mark Stukey, who lives along the river. "I'm not worried, though. As far as I'm concerned, the county has kept everything well under control."

Engineers anticipate the repairs to take two months, and could cost as much as $6 million.