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Lack of mail delivery has some Parrish residents very frustrated

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PARRISH, FL (WWSB) - For Sylvia McDonough and her husband, their dream retirement home has become a little bit of headache, and it's all because of the lack of mail delivery.  For them and others in their Cross Creek neighborhood, the mailboxes are there but the mail isn't.

"We're really in desperate, in a crisis situation here, some worse then others," said McDonough.

Currently, residents of the development have to make the 5-mile roundtrip to the post office to get their mail.  The problem is that mail delivery had never started in the development when it was first being built years ago and the post office will not deliver mail to each individual home because McDonough tells us they don't have the money or the manpower to do that.  Residents say they were told, if the new owner of the development, Medallion Home, would put in clusterboxes where all the mailboxes are together, then the post office could deliver the mail to their community.  The clusterboxes have yet to be installed.

"I've spoken to most of the residents here, they don't care how it gets here as long as it gets here," said McDonough.   "We want to be able to walk to get our mail."

This lack of mail delivery has become a big problem for Doris and Francis Anderson.  They rely on the mail to receive necessary medications for Francis.  He currently has health problems and is on oxygen.  Not only is it challenging for them to get to the post office, but they say sometimes the post office is closed where they are getting the medicine they need days later.

"I do have to put him in the car with his portable oxygen because I don't like to leave him at home," said Doris Anderson.  "I like to go more often than I really go so it would be very beneficial if we couldhave mail service right here."

In a statement we had received from the United States Postal Service, it says "Local postal officials will continue working with all stakeholders, including developers and builders, to ensure a satisfactory resolution to any ongoing delivery mode issues.  Residents of Cross Creek community in Parrish, FL, may continue to pick up their mail at the local Post Office.  Our mission is to provide trusted, affordable, universal service to our customers and centralized delivery allows us to do that."   McDonough and others say they will keep fighting for mail delivery.

"Peaceful resolution, that's all I want," said McDonough.  "I want the post office and Medallion Homes to come to an agreement."

Noone from Medallion Home could be reached for a comment.