Kinnan responds to accusations

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BRADENTON, FL--- Long time football coach Joe Kinnan is responding to Manatee County School District's accusation that he lied to investigators.

In a statement Kinnan said, "I acknowledge certain shortcomings to the extent that I held a supervisory role regarding Mr. Strong and could have been more diligent in my oversight and follow through. However the allegations and findings contained with in the complaint are far over reaching."

In the statement Kinnan went on to say he strongly disagrees with the accusations that he was intentionally misleading and dishonest.  But the report released by the Manatee County School District states "Kinnan engaged in immorality, misconduct in office, incompetence, gross insubordination, and willful neglect of duty.

According to the report Kinnan held the position of athletic director since 2005 and over saw the 13 sports at Manatee High School as well as all the coaches.  In the last year, two coaches from the 13 sports have been involved in some type of investigation.

The first was Rod Frazier who is accused of inappropriately touching female students and staff.  Kinnan was not a part of that investigation. But, he was apart of the inquiry into misconduct by baseball coach Dwayne Strong.  Strong was accused of improperly handling money from fundraising sales and requiring his players to pay for and attend a baseball camp he owned and operates, which violates state and school district regulations.   The Strong investigation is the basis for the districts recommendation to demote and suspend Kinnan for 10 days.

In his statement Kinnan says there are portions of that investigation he "believes to be grossly inaccurate and factually wrong characterizations regarding his conduct".  Kinnan added he is preparing to request an administrative hearing so that all the false and misleading allegations can be corrected.

That requested for a hearing must be submitted to the district by December 31.