Jerry Lewis still loves the spotlight

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Jerry Lewis is appearing at the Van Wezel Tuesday night at 8:00 and nobody will enjoy the show more than he does.

He says appearing before a live audience still gives him an adrenalin rush like nothing else. And he says he owes it to his audience to go full throttle, to give them everything he's got.

At age 87, he's still razor sharp, and as funny as ever, but now he adds a touch of the wisdom he's gained through the years. He's not just a brilliant comedian, he's also a writer, director, college lecturer, and inventor. He invented a video devise still used in movies today. It's sort of a monitor, and it helped him to direct movies that he's in.

He just finished a movie called "Max Rose". He says his all time favorite movie was "The Nutty Professor". Soon to be released on BlueRay.