Jail recovery program celebrates four years of success

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SARASOTA – This weekend, the Addiction Recovery Program at the Sarasota County Jail celebrated four years of changing lives. The program rehabilitates inmates, helping them get clean behind bars so they can be productive citizens, once they leave.

For most people, going to jail is the worst thing that could happen. But for Krystal Storch, it turned out to be the best. She had a choice: serve time the usual way, or enter the recovery pod and get help for her alcohol and drug addiction.

Krystal jumped at the chance. "It gave me a taste of recovery. I never knew there was a program out there that would help you get clean and sober until I stepped foot in the recovery pod. And it changed my life.”

"It gives an opportunity to someone who would sit in jail and do nothing during their time there an opportunity to set up learn about addiction; break the cycle of addictions, they don't have to come back again," says David Sutton, director of programs at Salvation Army.

The program has been a tremendous success. Only 20% from the recovery pod are re arrested within a year, whereas 46% of the others released from the Sarasota County Jail are back in a year.