Investigation continues into New College plane crash

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SARASOTA--Federal officials spent Sunday combing through what's left of the Sea-Wind 3000 plane that crashed on the campus of New College on Saturday.

Officials now know flight instructor and pilot John William Ardoyno was at the controls, although questions remain as to just what happened in those final moments.

"We don't know what the crew members were doing prior to the flight or what the purpose of the flight was but we're going to be looking into that as we go through the next few days," said Ralph Hicks, an investigator with the NTSB.

Investigators from the FAA and the NTSB will spend the next several days examining the wreckage, looking for even the slightest clue as to the plane's demise.

"What we're doing today is we're looking at all the perishable you can see the aircraft was mostly consumed by a post-crash fire," said Hicks.

While Ardoyno did not survive the crash, he did manage to walk away from another incident involving the exact same aircraft back in September, after engine problems forced him into an emergency landing on the Indian River in West Palm Beach.

On Saturday multiple witnesses said they saw the aircraft struggling to gain altitude and stay airborne.

Officials say the investigation could take up to nine months to complete.