Infant owl rescued in Palmetto

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MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. - A family of horned owls were displaced when their nest was destroyed last week following a storm. In fact, a Palmetto resident at the Coach House Mobile Home Park found a baby owl from that nest on the ground nearby.

So Matthews Wildlife Rescue was called in to help the family of birds.

The parents were still around, but without a nest, the baby owl was exposed. The baby was taken in and given a check-up to make sure it wasn't hurt when the nest fell apart.

“I’ve had him since Sunday, and he’s ready to go back to his mom and dad. It’s a baby great horned owl, which is the largest owl we have in Florida. And this one here would be maybe a little bit over three weeks old,” says Justin Matthews.

The owl was given a clean bill of health. Matthews built a temporary nest for the family out of a laundry basket, and placed it back in the same location it was in before.

The adult owls are expected to return to the nest and will continue caring for the infant owl.

Rescued owl in Palmetto