Inauguration just part of community-wide celebration of MLK Day

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SARASOTA - The Sarasota community came together highlight the historical inauguration of President Barack Obama, but for some the days events was more about highlighting what many believed to be an impossible dream that is now a reality.

"I marched during the 60's and I can see some of the things that I marched for coming into fruition," said Mary Christian.

She joined the hundreds who came together for the 30th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Breakfast and Community Celebration. The event included everything from various musical selections to a keynote address emphasizing the importance of passing on the African American story.

There was even a tour of the new Booker High School.

But all of the festivities were just part of a back drop for something bigger.  "I think its a wonderful time to have our president being inaugurated on the same day we celebrate Dr. King's birthday. It's just a wonderful feeling." said Christian.

And that wonderful feeling rang out as the group marched from Booker High to the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Park, to watch the swearing in.

"Its most important that each of us realize that you are a part of history you were here when it happened.  Nobody had to tell you about it you were there." said  Willie Shaw, Sarasota County Vice Mayor, as he highlighted the historical importance of the celebration.

And for many the historical meaning of the day was not lost.  "This is huge when you think of the past and how black people were slaves and where we are now", said Lauren Dixon.

"Martin Luther King laid the foundation. He was the one who helped us start it all off, and to have the inauguration of the president on the same day is great," said Andrew Drake

But as many reflected on the progress made by the Black community over the years even more people were excited about the future and the left to be done.