Hundreds rally for Israel in downtown Sarasota

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SARASOTA, Fla Hundreds of people rallied on behalf of Israel in downtown Sarasota, including some who had just been to Tel Aviv.

"I actually saw the Iron Dome take down one of the rockets that was being sent in by Hamas," said Marty Haberer, Associate Director of the Jewish Federation of Sarasota Manatee.

Haberer just got back from Israel, and in the four days he was there, he was involved in 5 Red Alerts. And sometimes the alerts gave just 15 seconds warning.

"If you're a parent with two babies in the car and you have 15 seconds, you're left with the choice of which baby to pull out of the car during an alert like that," he said.

Haberer was one of the hundreds who came out to the part at the foot of Main Street to rally in support of Israel. Among those on hand, Larry Bernard who came for one main reason.

"To help bring attention of the people in Sarasota on how the world is an open flat space and we're all connected. We're connected to the people in Israel just as they're connected to us," Bernard said.

Sarah Simmons has a direct connection--her mother in law is from Israel and they're both concerned who's behind the missiles being shot into Israel.

"The missiles are coming in further and further and it's disturbing because you know they're getting some help from the people around them," Simmons predicted.

And Larry Haberer knows all about those missiles.

"I'll tell you , it's very unnerving to be there, I don't think people here can appreciate it. We've never had to deal with this type of anxiety here," Haberer said.