Hundreds pull an all-nighter in Sarasota to find a cure for cancer

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SARASOTA, Fla. – Hundreds pull an all-nighter in Sarasota to support a good cause. The Relay for Life at Sarasota High school kicked off at four o'clock Saturday afternoon where participants will rally throughout the night until Sunday morning for research to find a cure for cancer. The American Cancer Society back and supports these efforts to raise money to find a cure for cancer.

As of 10:00pm Saturday night all 32 teams and 423 participants raised $80,653.97. Rallying from the sun going down until the sun coming up the next morning represents a caner survivors journey. A participant and survivor of brain cancer, Sheryl Geletka, said “When your diagnosed its bright, and then you go through the sun down which is when you feel the pain or emotional pain from your treatment. Then before the light is when you find out your in remission. Finally the sun comes up and everything is good.”

Geletka said she was diagnosed with brain cancer four years ago, had a tumor removed and is not yet in remission.