Hundreds of RVers hit the Suncoast for a week

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SARASOTA - Sarasota may regain the title as "the tin city", now that hundreds of RV's have rolled into town. A group of African-American RV’ers has stopped for the week at the Sun N Fun RV Park.

"It’s about 575 people," says Dr. Monica Ford-David of NAARVA.

The National African-American RV Association has rolled into the Suncoast for its southern regional rally.

"The Texas Sojourners are from all over Texas, we have the Louisiana Gators, the Mississippi Mockingbirds, the Oklahoma Tornados, the Georgia Easy Riders," says Ford-David.

And the list goes on to include several other groups, some of whom are based here in Florida. But regardless of where they come from, their goal was the same: to have fun in the sun.

So they gassed up their RV's and got on the road for a week-long visit to Sarasota and the surrounding area -- and they've already begun to sightsee. "We had three buses leave for Hard Rock today. We had a golf tournament on Friday. We had Visit Sarasota here yesterday to do a seminar about the beaches, the shopping…so people will see the campers all over Sarasota."

The group arrived on Sunday and have been doing everything from eating at local restaurants to visiting local attractions. But it’s not all fun and games. "When we were here scouting for this park, we found out that one of the things that is going on in the black community here was that most of the children don't know how to swim, even though they are surrounded by water. So our gift to this Sarasota community is a benefit that will teach the black kids of this community how to swim," says Connie St. Clair of NAARVA.

In addition to swim lessons, the campers are also raising money for a local organization. “Because of these rallies, we do get to raise some funds, and we get to choose the group we want to contribute to, and we chose the Boys & Girls Club here in Sarasota."