Homeless man arrested for law office burglaries in Sarasota

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SARASOTA - Sarasota Police have arrested a homeless man for burglaries of downtown Sarasota law offices.

On March 11, the Law Office of Dozier and Dozier was found burglarized.

A latent print, left by the burglar, was located. Sarasota Police identified the fingerprint as belonging to David Radney. Detectives obtained a warrant for the arrest of Radney.

On the morning of March 15, three more burglaries were discovered; all three were business offices at 200 S. Washington Boulevard. Two of the offices were confirmed burglaries with the third being an attempt. The victims were the Law Office of Andrea Mogensen, Horizon Mortgage and Alliance Francaise. Evidence found at the scene of these burglaries was processed and later, a latent print, found in the Horizon Mortgage office, was identified as belonging to Radney.

Two officers observed Radney walking in the area of 10th St. and Orange Avenue. He told officers he was walking to the Salvation Army.

Radney was arrested on the Dozier and Dozier warrant.

Detectives have also charged Radney with the Horizon Mortgage burglary, due to the fingerprint that was identified.

The investigation of these burglaries is ongoing and additional charges are pending at this time.

Anyone with information on these burglaries or about David Radney should contact Detective Kim Laster at (941) 364-7327.