Homeless face deadline to move out of Sarasota camp

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Monday is the deadline for the homeless to vacate what's known as Camp Jolene, located on 10th Way near Gillespie Park in Sarasota.

Many of the homeless population in the camp have begun packing up their things because Monday is their last day at the site.

Last week, the city gave those at the campsite notice they have to leave. So far, we hear four homeless people have been given bus tickets home, and others have packed up their belongings and left their tents vacant. Those people are roaming the streets looking for a place to camp for the night.

Still there are others still in the camp and we spoke to a couple of them Monday. “We are packed up to go. They expected the city to be out here chopping things up, because it is known that they've done this before, and people are sitting on their belongings not knowing where to go,” said Jeff O’Malley.

Camp Jolene got its name after homeless person Jolene Turner was found murdered nearby last March.

Many of the homeless residents there do not know what to do, and are unsure that if they're going to move to another location, whether or not they’ll be told to move again.

In the meantime there is some concern about if this move is actually legal or not. This issue will be taken up Monday at the Sarasota City Commission meeting.

ABC 7 will continue to follow this story.