History comes to life at Bayshore High School

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BRADENTON, Fla. – History books came to life today at Bayshore High School, with students looking on as one of their favorite teachers, Mr. Durshimer, turned the page from English to History -- all with a little help from the Reenactment Historical Society of Manatee County.

“It gives the students a chance to see first hand some of the tools, uniforms and equipment used in World War II," says Art Durshiner, a teacher at Bayshore.

"It’s important for the students to learn about WW2 and the Holocaust because we don't want history to repeat itself," said fellow teacher (and Art’s wife) Meg Durshiner.

The demonstration gave students a rare look into their country’s past -- and let them get up close and personal with items used in the war.

"You get to see all the neat weapons they used; hear about all the history and the tactics," says student Caleb Losek.

Students were able to learn about the war in a more hands-on manner, and teachers want the learning to continue.

"Through the books you’re just reading the words and you don't get experiences,” says Bayshore student Jeoffrey Lincoln. “Through this you get to see everything that they used and how it is effective."

And some students are hoping for more.

"If they could do more with it, like actually get more people who had different experience, like actual veterans to explain more, it would be really cool," Lincoln says.

For now the Reenactment Historical Society will continue to share their knowledge.

"The gentlemen who are involved are living historians -- they do this all around the state of Florida," says Meg Durshiner.

This same group from the Historical Society will head out to Desoto National Memorial Park next week to teach all ages about the military history of Florida.