High school band director under investigation

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SARASOTA - A popular band instructor at Sarasota High School is on administrative leave. John Roseboom is the subject of a criminal investigation, but so far there are more questions than answers.

We have been asking questions all day to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office and the school district as to what exactly is going on with Roseboom, who is band director at Sarasota High School.

All we know is that he is under a criminal investigation, yet officials won't tell us what for.

According to school district, Roseboom was placed on paid administrative leave Thursday morning. The 32-year old has been employed with the district since 2006.

We stopped by the school Friday afternoon and caught up with band member Blake Taylor, a junior at Sarasota High. He tells us just about everyone is stunned by this news, and calls Mr. Roseboom a wonderful guy. “It’s ridiculous. I am completely surprised. I don't understand how this could have happen to him. He’s just a nice guy trying to make the band good. Even if he personal problems he acted like a parent figure and he would talk to us about it if there were problems at home or anything like that. Just from me being here a short amount of time, I picked up on that.”

We tried reaching out to Roseboom for comment, but so far no response from him.

At this point, no charges have been filed.