Heart valve repair and replacement today

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Heart valve surgery has come a long way.

It used to be that the only option was to replace the valve, this was always done by dividing the sternum and opening the chest.

Now, valve replacement surgery can be performed using minimally invasive techniques and different approaches explains Dr. Jonathan Hoffberger, DO, FACOS, of Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

"The Intuit Elite valve allows us to implant them faster and save time on the heart lung machine." Said Dr. Hoffberger.

Dr. Hoffberger added that patients should explore options when diagnosed with a heart valve in need of surgery.

The new valve and our other valve technologies that we have here at Sarasota Memorial Hospital gives the patients an opportunity to have a less invasive operation. So instead of having their sternum divided, opened and have a twelve inch incision on the front of them we're able to do incisions on the side.

Dr. Hoffberger, specializes in minimally invasive cardiac surgery in which valve repair of replacement can be performed within a 3-4-inch incision. This affords the patients less stress, trauma, reduced blood loss, less scarring, faster recovery and improved cosmetic results. explained that now patients may also be candidates for repair rather than surgery, which allows them to forego blood thinners, and offers many other benefits.