Healthy weight initiative hopes to help Suncoast residents lose weight and get healthy

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Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure are all linked to obesity. But A new initiative involving a collaboration of schools, the workplace and even faith based institutions hopes to reach and motivate the masses to get fit and healthy.

"In our current trend, by 2030 almost two thirds of Floridians will be obese." Said Florida State Surgeon General addressed the growing problem of obesity in Florida. He said it is the number one public heath threat that challenges Floridas bright future. "If we don't get this corrected, we stand a chance in this generation of reversing life span."

For a century he said, we've increased years of life, and in this generation we could actually see that go down. But, he is hopeful as he spoke of Florida's Healthiest Weight Initiative Program, and those involved in the private public partnership

"Local governments, businesses, schools, not for profit organizations and the faith based community, in fact any organization that's committed to helping Florida have a healthier future and to solve our weight challenge."

Armstrong said the initiative is a new approach as we have to change the ways we tried to lose weight and be healthy because they failed. "We have brought this 5210 message to Sarasota County and this is really simple everyday goals."

The message as simple as 5210, Five fruits and vegetables a day, Two hours of screen time or less, one hour of physical activity and zero sugary drinks.

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