Governor Scott willing to consider election changes

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Florida Gov. Rick Scott visited the Suncoast Wednesday, and says he's willing to look at whether changes are needed to make voting go smoother in Florida.

Scott came under a barrage of criticism after he refused to use his emergency powers to extend the number of days of early voting. The Republican-controlled Florida Legislature last year cut back the number of early voting.

In some counties voters stood in lines for hours before being able to vote and in some instance voters did not cast a ballot until after midnight.

The governor visited New College Wednesday, where he spoke at a Florida Board of Governors meeting -- a gathering of top officials from the state's public universities.

Scott said he will sit down with state election officials soon to discuss ways to improve the election.

But at the same time, he said he really hopes people look at some of the positives. “We had a lot of people get out and vote. We had 4.4 million people vote either absentee or early voting. That’s great. We had unbelievable interest in our election day, so I think all of those are positives,” said Governor Scott.

The Republican governor, however, sidestepped questions about whether the win by President Barack Obama means he could be in danger when he seeks re-election in 2014.