Governor Rick Scott kicks off “Let’s Keep Florida Safe” tour

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TALLAHSSEE, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott will kick off a “Let’s Keep Florida Safe” tour tomorrow as he announces new policy proposals that will help make Florida’s communities the best in the country to call home. With Florida’s crime rate at a 43-year low, Governor Scott’s “Let’s Keep Florida Safe” plan will continue to move the state in the right direction by giving law enforcement and public safety officials the tools they need.

As a centerpiece of the plan, Governor Scott will oppose any changes to Florida’s 85 percent mandatory minimum law, which requires that inmates serve 85 percent of their sentence before being eligible for release based on good behavior. The “Let’s Keep Florida Safe” tour will include stops in Tampa, Miami, and Orlando.

“There’s so much about Florida that makes it the best state in the country to live, work, and raise a family. We have great weather and great job opportunities – but we also have great communities. Florida has seen a remarkable turnaround in the last few years and our crime rate is at a 43-year low, but we can still do more. I’m committed to working with law enforcement and public safety officials to keep Florida moving in the right direction,” said Governor Scott.

Governor Scott’s “Let’s Keep Florida Safe” plan includes:

• Maintaining 85 percent mandatory minimum sentencing

• Developing programs that identify early signs of risk and working to help troubled youth become successful adults

• Increasing investments for reentry programs that have helped recidivism rates decrease to an historic low

• Giving law enforcement agencies the tools and funding they need to fight crime, predict crime, and bring swift justice to those who commit crimes

• Working with state and local law enforcement and prosecutors to combat cyber crimes

For more information on Governor Scott’s “Let’s Keep Florida Safe” plan, click HERE.