Gov. Scott's budget will benefit schools

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SARASOTA - Governor Rick Scott is making history, announcing the largest proposed budget the state has ever had.  The proposed budget is $74.2 billion, an increase of $4 billion from last year's.  And, the public education system seems to be one of the top recipients.

"Somebody is giving back to the school.  That's really good," said Keith Frazier.

Frazier is talking about Gov. Scott's new budget proposal that is set to give public schools an additional $1.2 billion.  Frazier says its the schools in the impoverished areas who will see the biggest benefit.  "Our kids really need it, because its low income neighborhoods they stay in, and a lot of them barely getting an education, and once your taking from them they aren't receiving anything," said Frazier.

But the overall budget for schools isn't the only thing that Scott's suggesting should change.  His new budget also increases teacher pay by $2,500.  A vast turnaround from the previous merit pay system he pushed that based a teacher's salary on the progress their students make.

"With them giving to the school I'm quite sure a lot of the teachers would like to stay now keep the jobs going for the teacher and our kids really need it," said Frazier.

But for many parents, Scott's previous stance on education funding doesn't matter, they're only concerned with his change of heart.

"I just think that anything we can do to give back to them is going to help them in the future," said Lisa Jacob.

State lawmakers still have to vote on the Governor's budget before it will take effect.