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Gov. Scott makes two Suncoast appearances Monday

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SARASOTA, Fla. – Florida Governor Rick Scott kicked off a two week campaign tour Monday with two stops on the Suncoast. The governor is touting his successful tax cuts and promising even more.

He is in full campaign mode and made two important visits in Bradenton and Sarasota Monday, first visiting the Bradenton headquarters of VizCo US, a local manufacturing and garden company.

"This election is going to be about action verses talk." Scott told supporters his actions have helped save Florida families money through tax cuts. "We've turned the economy around. We've added 620,000 jobs in the last two years. Our economy has gotten better and as our economy has grown we need to give you some of your money back."

The governor says he's already cut over $500 million in taxes aimed at helping the average Florida family, and is pledging to cut even more. "We are going to cut a billion dollars in taxes in the next two years. As you know, Charlie Crist talks about a lot of things, but he raised taxes."

Monday was the start of Scott's 28-city "Let's Keep Working" tax cut bus tour, where he is telling supporters his plans if he is elected to another term.

Governor Scott also made a stop at Walt's Fish Market Sarasota.

Not everybody was supportive of Governor Scott. Crist supporters held signs outside of both of Scott campaign stops. "This economy in this state has turned around not because of Scott, but because of Obama, and it has happened in every single state."

Charlie Crist's campaign is calling Scott's tour the “empty promises” tax tour. Crist is kicking off his final two months of campaigning, joined by President Clinton in Miami, on Friday."