Gizmo making miraculous recovery

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SARASOTA, Fla. - The puppy that was drenched in hot sauce last weekend by an angry boyfriend is making a miraculous recovery at a Sarasota veterinary hospital.

It may be only a matter of days before Gizmo heads home with his new owner.

"We found a person who we feel very close to, and is a very trustworthy person who can handle this puppy," said Dr. David Smith, with Bay Road Veterinary Hospital.

Last weekend, Gizmo suffered a seizure and was yelping inside of his home. Efrian Myles, the boyfriend of the dog's owner, became irate, and according to the Sarasota Police Department, drenched the puppy with hot sauce. Some of the liquid got in the animal's eyes and down its throat.

"I would say he was within 12 hours of death when we were presented with him," said Smith. He was dehydrated, had hypoglycemia, nasal discharge, and he couldn't really walk around."

Since then, Gizmo has received numerous antibiotics and some TLC. He is making an amazing recovery and is eating 3-4 times a day.

"He has never had a seizure since he has been with us," said Smith.

"He's more bright and he's happier. He's chewing on my finger and is being a puppy. It's nice to see him make that improvement," said Chelsea Rodrigue," with the Animal Hospital.

Myles remains in the Sarasota County Jail under a $5000 bond.