Gay marriage symbols popping up on social media websites

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SARASOTA - You may have seen the red equal signs all over social media popping up, but what do they mean?

The Human Rights Campaign, an organization that advocates equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, launched the initiative, asked supporters to "Paint the Town Red" with the equal signs.

You may have seen your Facebook feed filled with friends that changed their profile pictures to the logo.

On Facebook, this logo has racked up tens of thousands of shares and likes.

While most people we talked too today on the Suncoast say they support marriage equality, they told me they hadn't seen the logos yet.

People we talked too also say they feel using social media to share your opinion on issues like same sex marriage is positive, whether you share their personal opinion or not. “You see time and time again the ability of the Internet to spread social and political ideas quicker than they would in kind of a grassroots way, so it's a really good thing,” says Student Connor Wells.

A counter protest popped up on Twitter and Facebook as well under the hash-tag (God is love and traditional marriage). Some Facebook users also adopted a red cross as a counter to the red equal sign.