Gator pulled from Warm Mineral Springs days before reopening

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NORTH PORT, Fla. - An alligator was caught in a soon-to-reopen North Port swimming hole on Wednesday.

The gator was found in Warm Mineral Springs, which has been closed to the public since last summer, but is scheduled to reopen this Saturday.

The head of the local alligator catching group, Chad Wright, says that the gator found Wednesday morning was four foot seven inches long, and by state law they were required to destroy the animal.

Wright says had the gator been under four feet it would have been given a second chance at life and released back into the wild.

Gary Morse of Florida Fish and Wildlife says the gator is a non-concern. Morse says there are thousands of lakes and swimming holes that have gators in them, and as long as swimmers take caution, being attacked should not be of major concern.