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Gas stations begin to get fuel, slowly

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) -- Open gas stations are still a rare sight around the Suncoast. Some are finally getting fuel, but there is still a limited supply.

According to AAA, it could be up to a week before supply conditions return to normal. The suppliers plan to deliver available fuel to gas stations among evacuation routes first, but those stations will likely have long lines.

Drivers will have the best luck finding gas at stations away from busy highways.

Fuel could be making its way to Port Manatee soon. Port Manatee never closed for Hurricane Irma, but it had to pass inspection by the U.S. Coast Guard before resuming operations. On its Facebook page on Tuesday, Port Manatee wrote: "The Manatee Harbor channel has been reopened and Port Manatee is now open to both waterborne and shore side traffic."