G Wiz closing for good?

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SARASOTA, FL --- The over grown grass and faded paint are the first signs many say shows the G-Wiz building has been abandoned. 

"For the past year G-Wiz, were told, has been in the process of reorganizing and trying to fundraise so they can eventually reopen but that has not occurred so the facility has been closed for the better part of last year," said Sarasota city manager Tom Barwin.

The building that houses G-Wiz is owned by the city and according to the lease agreement the facility can not be closed for more than 60 days.

"They are in default of the lease agreement, so we sent them a communication pointing this out and asking them to cure the deficiencies," added Barwin.

According to the letter sent to G-Wiz officials they have 30 days to get things back up and running. So, we tried to contact G-Wiz to see if they can make that happen.  But, their web site is under construction and when we called them.. their number was not accepting calls.  We also performed a state corporation search and attempted to contact the board members.  But we couldn't reach most of them and the ones we did speak to say they were no longer affiliated with the organization.  But Barwin says they have been in contact with the group.

"From our conversation with G-Wiz it doesn't sound like reopening is immanent.  In fact, we are making arrangements right now to have them remove anything of value from the building that they own," said Barwin.

The science museum was a popular spot for many parents on the Suncoast, as it offered their kids a fun learning environment.  It was also a popular destination for school field trips.  Now many are dis-heartened by the news that it could be gone for good.

"Im really sad that its not going to be here any longer, I think it unfortunate because I think its brought a lot to the area and I think a lot of people enjoyed it over the years," added one Sarasota resident.

In addition officials say commissioners will discuss what to do with this building at their next meeting.