Future bright for Ringling College class of 2014

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SARASOTA, FLA. - The Ringling College of Art and Design held graduation for the class of 2014. For the 288 students graduating with a degree in the art field the future looks promising.

“Different fields will go down, but this one will keeps going up,” said A. Charles Kovacs, Director of Career Services at Ringling. He says GM, Sony, Disney and Yahoo are just a few of the companies that have recruited Ringling graduates this year.

“When you sit in your car someone determined where you put your hand, how you use it and how you interact with that space. That's why they come here and recruit. They are looking for people to help them sculpt the appropriate user interface,” he says.

“When you think about it, everything today is communicated visually and so there is a huge demand for the kind of skills that our students possess,” said President Larry Thompson. He says they have been amazed at the number of jobs and positions their students are being offered.

“Traditionally about 85 percent to 90 percent of our students have jobs within a year of graduating in their field.”

Arash Zandi is one of those students. He is a film major and has a job lined up on the west coast.

“I am heading over to San Fran to work with Steve Michelson to develop an environmentally conscience documentary.”

Natasha Thorton has a major in digital filmmaking and will be working with filmmaker Roman Coppola.

“So I will be doing cinema-photography and visual research for him.”

Thorton met Coppola on campus while the director was at Ringling to talk about potential collaborative film projects. Roman Coppola came back for graduation as the keynote speaker.

“That is something that I hadn’t done before and to celebrate young people graduating seemed like a worthwhile thing, a fun thing and I am always inclined to accept an invitation to something that interests me and I haven’t done before,” said Coppola.

Ringling College of Art and Design offer their students free career services, they also extend that service to alumni helping them find future jobs should they ever need it.