Fundraiser this weekend will help remodel historic school house

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MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. - The Myakka City Historical Society is working frantically to save the old Myakka City school and turn it into a community center. They need an additional $200,000 to complete the job, so they're having a fundraiser on Sunday to add to their remodeling fund.

This old school house has played a big role in Myakka City's history. "It was built in 1914 of pine…the high school’s last graduating class was 1948," says Marilyn Coker, president of the historical society.

After that it was an elementary school.

Marcia Cannon was media specialist there. Her ties to the school run deep.

"And my husband’s grandmother was one of the first students."

Like many in Myakka City, her love for this old building is strong. "My mother in law, aunts, cousins have come through this school, my children have come through this school, and my heart and soul are in this building."

Bonnie Carlton feels the same way. "There is just so much history in this building…as well as emotion and deep roots in the community are tied to this building."

There are so many memories in the auditorium. "We had graduations, school plays, different celebrations, voting."

And once restored, they say the building can once again become the hub of the community. The auditorium and all the other rooms be used for various events. "What we're going to do with this classroom’s conference room is display artifacts, the history of the community,” says Dave Miller of the historical society.

And there are plans that it will become a branch of the Manatee County Library.

The Myakka City Historical Society says this building is essential to the community. "We want to preserve our history for the next generation so this school can continue to educate.”

The historical society is holding a fundraiser to raise money for the school, with a performance by Herrman's Royal Lipizzan Stallions on Sunday at 4pm at the Herrman Ranch. The owner of the stallions attended the school.