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FPL provides outage updates for the Suncoast area

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Florida (WWSB) – FPL is working hard to get power restored to all customers in Florida.

100 percent of all critical facilities have been restored, according to FPL. These facilities include nursing homes, hospitals, health care facilities, etc.

As of Saturday morning, about 26,000 people are still without power in Manatee County and about 106,000 have already been restored.

In Sarasota County, about 45,000 are currently without power and about 174,000 have been restored.

In both Manatee and Sarasota counties, FPL hopes to have 90 percent of customers restored by Monday and 95 percent by Tuesday. After that, if you are still without power it may be due to an unusual circumstance like flooding.

Check the Power Tracker Map for more information.

FPL is working around the clock to try and restore power to our area.