Four families receive Habitat for Humanity homes

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Sarasota, Fla. - It was a time of great joy for four families in Sarasota Saturday morning, as their new homes built by Habitat for Humanity were dedicated.

Local business leaders, Senator Nancy Detert, Habitat for Humanity volunteers and executive Director Dee Danmeyer were in attendance at the ceremony.

"The dedication is where we get to thank all of the sponsors and volunteers who have come out and put their time and energy in it. We also get to bless the homes and the families."

Those homes were built specifically for these families who requested help from Habitat for Humanity.

"Our families have to put in sweat equity of 300 hours. They also have to put a down payment down, then they have to attend classroom time, so that they can learn about financial literacy, and they can also learn how to maintain the home."

Clay Rhodes, who is one of the family members, is ready to move his family into their new home with a sense of appreciation and a 30 year mortgage with zero percent interest.

"I feel so thankful to the volunteers who came out and worked so hard, that had the compassion to understand the problem with housing in the community and had the resolve to go out and volunteer their labor to help us build our home."

"It was amazing from the word go, the first day. They just welcomed us with open arms and tried to help in anyway they could," said new homeowners Michael Edwards and his fiancé.

Four of the six homes on this dedication lane are finished, the last two will be finished shortly, and their families will move in, just as these families did today.