Foster homes needed for animals at Suncoast Humane Society

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ENGLEWOOD, FL. - Every spring and summer humane societies experience an influx of homeless animals, many of which are tiny and too young for adoption.

Others are recovering from medical issues or injuries. This is currently the case at Suncoast Humane Society. There is a desperate need for loving, temporary foster homes for animals in this situation. Foster parent’s role is to house and care for these precious animals until they can be returned to the animal care center and placed up for adoption.

“Unfortunately, at this time of year we have a shortage of foster homes. We are looking for dedicated, caring volunteers to take these animals into their homes, on a temporary basis and care for them.” states Phil Snyder, Executive Director of Suncoast Humane Society.

Being a Foster Parent is hard work. Many of the baby animals have been separated from their mothers too soon and need to be hand-fed. Other animals are ill and need medication administered regularly. The Foster Parent provides the love and care, including food, water and shelter. Suncoast Humane Society provides the required pet food, litter, veterinarian care and medicines.

To qualify as a foster parent, a home visit is required as well as completion of a volunteer application and orientation.

If you have room in your home and a place in your heart for these needy, helpless animals please contact Jacqueline Elliott, Manager of Volunteer Services, at 941-474-7884, ext. 422, or