Former police detective may lead MCSD investigative unit

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A former police detective may lead the Manatee County School district's investigative unit.  This the latest effort to improve the district's image and how it functions.

Manatee County's Office of Professional standards is responsible for  investigating claims of inappropriate behaviors by district employees.  One of the most notable is an investigation into Manatee High Assistant Football coach Rod Frazier.  A student alleged inappropriate conduct by the coach but the department closed the case after finding no wrong doing.  The Bradenton Police disagreed, they later recommended charges be filed by the State Attorney's Office.

Although Superintendent Mills could not comment on how thorough the Frazier investigation was.  He says going forward that department will see some changes.

"We went out and look for a very specific candidate with skills and  experience in investigation knowledge and understanding of how to conduct an investigation procedures, interview techniques, etcetera," said Mills.

Since January the district's investigator position has been vacant. The  search to fill the position resulted in 6 candidates.  Mills, would not confirm who they are recommending to the School Board but ABC 7 spoke with Troy Pumphrey, who says he's been offered the job, pending the board's approval.

According to Pumphrey's resume, he is currently a senior investigator with the Florida  High School Athletic Association.  He's also worked as a teacher and is a retried detective from the Metropolitan Police Department, in Washington D.D.

"We were looking for a candidate that had experience in both  investigation and education, so we wanted to have someone with blended  experience in both," added Mills

The top Manatee county school district official when on to say student and employee safety are their top priority and is chosen candidate will help insure both groups security.  "In moving forward with the candidate we are recommending to the board on Monday night is a very positive step to establishing the credibility and the  trust back in to the district."

School board officials will vote on the appointment at their July, 22 meeting.