Former officer describes to ABC 7 the scene in Watertown

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SARASOTA - A man from Watertown with connections to the Suncoast gave ABC 7 an eyewitness account of the events unfolding Friday night.

Brian Thomas Lakin is brothers with Manatee County judge John Lakin. Brian is a former policeman with the Harvard Police Department, and lives only four blocks from Franklin Street -- the scene of Friday night's apprehension of the Boston bombing suspect.

Lakin says he had been on edge over the previous 24 hours, but now he and the other residents of Watertown can sleep a little bit easier.

Here's what he had to say about what he heard and saw.


He says he is heartbroken over the murder of Sean Collier, the MIT officer who was shot and killed -- apparently by the suspects in Monday's bombings.

Lakin says he has every intention on attending Collier's memorial service.