Former NFL safety calls $765 million settlement, "a good thing."

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SARASOTA-- The National Football League has reached a major settlement with thousands of retired players.

More than 4500 former pro athletes accused the league of putting them at risk and intentionally hiding the dangers of head trauma. Many of them claim they suffered neurological problems as a result. They sued, and came out big.

Under the settlement, the league will pay $765 million to the players and to families of players to cover things like medical exams, concussion-related compensation and medical research.

Todd Johnson, a Sarasota native, and a former NFL safety says the NFL made the right move.

"I think it's a good thing for the NFL to go ahead, wrap it up and get it over with so they can move forward" said Johnson.

Johnson, who is now the Head Coach of the Riverview High School football team, says he had his fair share of concussions during his playing days, but it was a different mindset back then. He is not one of the 4500 players who sued the league.

"If you got dinged and you got dizzy, you were fine. You could tough it out, go back in there, and play and support your team," he said.

Now, from the pros down to youth leagues, officials are taking head injuries very seriously. Helmet to helmet hits are banned in most leagues.

There are still some players who don't feel the $765 million settlement is good enough. Many retired football players are taking to social media saying there should be more money involved, since the NFL rakes in more than $9 billion a year.