Former Dolphin Tower resident hopes to one day return to her condo

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- Repair work is set to begin on a vacant downtown condominium, with the City of Sarasota issuing a building permit to complete $9 million in repairs to the Dolphin Tower condo. ABC 7 sat down with a woman who once called the building home, and hopes to again.

In 2010, Dolphin Tower was evacuated in a rushed attempt to get residents out of what officials said was a dangerous building.

In 2013, ABC 7 spoke to Sophia Fieldman, who described why Dolphin Tower was so important to her. And now, with sincere hospitality over a cup of tea and cookies, she says she remembers the first time she visited the tower.

"My husband asked one tenant how is life in Dolphin Tower. He said heaven, and it was a heaven."

Heaven that was interrupted by a crack in the building’s foundation.

But the foundation of friendship and love never wavered. "The Dolphin Tower, we were one family. If you need an onion or a carrot for your soup, you can knock on your neighbor’s door."

And when we asked what it will be like to walk back into her home once the construction is over…"it would be a party, we already planned for the party. It will be a gala."

For now, Fieldman is resting and recovering from a car accident. She says she will not give up. "We all will try our best to bring the Dolphin Tower to the home this used to be; not the building this used to be, the home it used to be.