Football player thanks three friends for saving him from drowning on Siesta

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BLOOMINGTON, IN, -- For the first time since his near drowning on Siesta Beach, an Indiana University football player is describing exactly what happened.

Isaac Griffith held a press conference this weekend on the campus of Indiana University. Last month, while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico on Siesta Key, Griffith almost drowned after being caught in a rip current. Three of his friends jumped in the water and saved his life.

Griffith spent several days at Sarasota memorial hospital undergoing treatment for lung damage and pneumonia.

The 19-year-old wide receiver became emotional when describing what his friends did for him. “These guys are my brothers, and I love them to death. I always say there’s three warriors that you can take into battle, and I’ll choose those three kids every time. No matter who I get to choose, I choose Ty, Nick and Mitch.”

Griffith says he remembers everything up until the time he blacked out. He says alcohol did not play a role in the incident.

He says he is still not cleared to return to the football field and will continue with his rehab.