Follow-up: Wild pig captured in DeSoto Acres

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SARASOTA - The pig responsible for destroying a Sarasota woman's property has been caught, and ABC 7 was there to capture the trapping on camera.

Damen Hurd of Wildlife Incorporated and Field Biologist Brian Pavlina captured the animal on Thursday after more than four hours of searching through the brush on Donna Blunden's 2 1/2 acres. On numerous occasions, the pig was cornered, but would escape. The two men finally caught the animal using a net.

"This has to be one of the most difficult captures I have done over the last ten years," said Hurd, who volunteered to capture the pig for free.

"There were plenty of times I thought we were not going to get it. We broke two nets. I think we are all worn out," said Pavlina.

The 60lb fast, and strong female wild pig was first spotted in the Desoto Acres neighborhood over the weekend. It's unusual to find a wild pig in a residential area miles west of I-75. Most wild pigs in this area are found in Parrish and the Myakka area.

Since first being spotted, the animal has been tearing up Blunden's front yard. Blunden wanted to have the animal removed humanely.

Now, Hurd will take the animal back to Wildlife Incorporated where it will be examined by a veterinarian. After that, it will be given to a pig rescue sanctuary somewhere in the area. The animal will live out the rest of its life away from the dining room table.

"I'm so glad it's going to be okay," said Blunden. Now we will start repairing our yard. What these guys had to go through to get the pig was just unreal."

It still remains unclear how the pig ended up in the Desoto Acres community. The pig is estimated to be under a year old.