2014 Florida International Airshow in Punta Gorda

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PUNTA GORDA, Fla. – Thousands were looking to the sky Sunday to enjoy the sight of dozens of airplanes flying overhead, as aircraft of all types roared into the Punta Gorda Airport for the 2014 Florida International Airshow.

Marketing Director, Lindsey Barfield, said "We had a line up of all kinds of aerial performances all afternoon and a whole bunch of ground displays which includes about two dozen aircraft historic and vintage”.

One of those historic aircraft was the B-17 G-Flying Fortress which has been recognized as the best restored B-17 currently flying. The flagship DC-3 is the oldest in the world that is still in flying condition.

Delivered to American Airlines in 1937 Captain Tony Desantis was talking about the DC-3 when he said “We found the airplane in 2004 being used as a crop duster in a field in Virginia. We restored the airplane back to its original glory. This airplane changed the airlines forever. This is the first airplane that actually allowed the airlines to make money by flying people instead of having air mail contracts”.

'P-25' also known as the "Prometheus" is considered one of the fastest aircraft with a maximum speed of 197 mph. Yet many said it was the United States Air Force Thunderbirds that stole the show.

All the proceeds from Sunday's event went to charity. Barfield said "all the proceeds beyond the expense to put on the show go to charity, to date we have donated $3,000,000 to local working charities".