Flooding from Sarasota rains worry homeowners

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SIESTA KEY - Rain has saturated the Suncoast over the last day and half, and more is expected. All that rain causing trouble for drivers and for homeowners.

On Siesta Key Tuesday morning, residents on Banan Place may have to resort to boats to get out of their driveways. That's right next to the Out-of-Door Academy on Siesta.

At least a foot of water is covering the street as rain continues to fall. Homeowners say some of their yards are knee deep in water.

“Waterfront property here today; it’s not the first time it’s happened either,” says homeowner Paul Chadwell.

According to residents, a retention pond at the end of the street is so full of rain water, it's running over into yards.

And high water on Wood Street in Sarasota has some homeowners there trying to keep the rising water from spilling into their homes.

Heavy rain is causing drainage ditches on one side of the roadway to overflow. Denise Griffin says she fears if the rain continues for the next day or two, her home will be underwater. “I’m sandbagging the back of my house, because the water’s almost coming in again. And I’ve asked and asked and I don’t know where else to go.”

She has reported the problem to the city and county. In the meantime she says she will continue to watch the problem closely.