Fish kill in Sarasota lake worries residents

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SARASOTA COUNTY - A Sarasota neighborhood is on alert after a large number of fish have been found dead in a lake. These concerns come almost two years to the day of another fish kill in the same area.

The dead fish have been discovered in the Clark Lakes neighborhood just south of Clark Road and east of Beneva Road in Sarasota County.

Wednesday, county officials confirmed they know about the situation, saying early tests indicate a mixture of issues leading to the kill. They say recent storm water runoff, high heat, algae, and even bird poop may be the reason why oxygen levels have dropped.

Some neighbors we talked to suspect fertilizer runoff from a nearby manicured community or chemical spraying near the water. Resident Justin Eastwood works for a local environmentally-friendly pest control company. "It could be a chemical that they are using to control insects. That would be more likely than fertilizer."

While mosquito management has recently ramped up spraying around the county, officials tell ABC 7 there have been no drainage operations or herbicidal spraying activities by them around the area.

On June 30th, 2011, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission investigated up to 100 dead fish in Mirror Lake at the same location. According to their database, the cause was low dissolved oxygen.