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First Alert Weather is on ABC7 News

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While we might be known as the Suncoast, skies can quickly turn dark and ominous bringing life threatening weather to your neighborhood. Half of the year we face a risk of dangerous tropical storms and hurricanes. That’s why you need a weather team dedicated to forecasting, tracking and following severe weather. We are the ABC7 First Alert Storm Team.

What does that mean? The ABC7 First Alert Storm Team is committed to keeping you safe and aware of the threat of severe weather days before it happens and as it is developing.

We will also be here when the weather isn’t severe, but can disrupt your lifestyle. We know how important your family outings, barbecues, birthday parties, and even walks on the beach are to all Suncoast neighbors. We also know that inconvenient weather can mean changing those plans, and we want to make sure that every weather event, from small to significant, is treated as an important part of your day-to-day life.

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We’ll activate a First Alert Day if the weather gets severe, but know we’ll also be there when the winds are going to kick up the seas and bring life threatening rip currents or toss around the garbage cans. If temperatures are expected to get unseasonably cold or insufferably hot we will alert you well in advance so you can plan accordingly.

You don’t have to come to us, we will be everywhere you are. The First Alert Storm Team is on air, our website, on a mobile App, on OTT platforms Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and AppleTV. We’ll send push notifications when the weather impacts your life, from life threatening storms, to dangerous currents at local beaches. As storms approach, we will let you know what to expect even if you are out playing golf, or fishing in Sarasota Bay.

With the new addition of our new state of the art technology, we will be able to pinpoint a certain area of the Suncoast and give a specific alert for that location. This is an extremely valuable tool which will only alert the people in harm’s way. To download the new and improved ABC7 Weather App, go to your app store and search “mysuncoast."

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When you see the First Alert Storm Team promotions and social media posts, you’ll know someone has got your back on the Suncoast, and making sure you can plan your activities in the beautiful area where you live and play. We won’t give unnecessary hype. We won’t exaggerate the forecast. We’ll give you real-time, practical information so there’s one less surprise coming to that surprise party you are planning outdoors in the summer, or the holiday family outing to look at Christmas lights.

We also help you prepare before Hurricane Season, so you are ready well before the first named storm of the season forms and can keep getting that valuable information for months to come. 

You live your life, and we’ll give you the First Alert Weather to plan accordingly.