Fired Sarasota County Administrator honored as citizen of the year

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SARASOTA, FLA, - Randall Reid was the Sarasota County Administrator from January 2012 until County Commissioners fired him last October.

“I enjoyed Sarasota County. I worked for the board when the board didn’t want me to work for them any longer. I certainly accept that, I’ve obliviously gone on and I’m quite happy where I’ve gone on to.”

Reid still lives in Sarasota County and is working with the International City/County Management Organization (ICMA) to promote the council manager form of government like Sarasota County’s government where elected officials establish polices that are carried out by an administrator appointed by the same elected officials.

“I’m doing the same things I did on the job trying to encourage ethical government in public service and trying to make sure citizens are involved and the thing is not run by a few people.”

On Saturday, Reid was the keynote speaker for a civic organization called Control Growth Now.

“This is the 25th anniversary of Control Growth Now. What we simply try to do is balance the demands of development with the needs of the public,” said the group’s president, Dan Lobeck.

Control Growth Now also honored Reid as their citizen of the year.

“Every year we honor the person that we think has done the most for the people in Sarasota County and clearly Randy Reid did that, he stood up for good planning and good ethics. He was hired for that reason and fired for that reason cause the developers wanted somebody who would bow down to them.”

Reid told the crowd, he doesn’t have regrets from his short time as county administrator. He says he feels like he left the county government better than he found it.

“You have to stand at some point like Martin Luther stood at one point, you got to say here I stand and I’m going to stand on these principals and people below you look to you for leadership and that leadership comes in different forms and sometimes it includes you leaving.”

Reid encouraged the group to continue being actively involved in their government by voting, participating and demanding openness and transparency by our elected leaders.