Fiancee of Bradenton crash victims speaks out

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BRADENTON--Elizabeth Woodcraft reads to her daughters, as she deals with a chapter of her own life she never imagined having to face.

"I don't know how to pick the pieces up and put them back together, I guess over time it will become easier," said Woodcraft.

It was last Thursday morning in the 3600 block of 14th Street West in Bradenton that her fiancee and father of her three children, Matt Lance Daley, died in what can only be described as a freak accident.

"We think it might have been a seizure, or a heart attack," said Woodcraft.

She says he went out to fill up the van, planning on returning to make breakfast for their three girls; but he never made it home.

"I was mad, and I was scared, I wanted answers," said Woodcraft.

Answers that Daley's sister Summer says may never be known.

"Why did he have to go so soon and leave all the girls and everybody," said Daley, "we're not gonna know."

Answers that a mom just can't give her little girl.

"Holly keeps asking if I can hold her hand and fly up to the clouds and bring daddy back," said Woodcraft.

And with her kids close by, the smile on Woodcraft's face hides the fears in her mind.

"Figuring out how we pay our rent at the beginning of the month, figuring what I do with the girls while I'm at work, I work full time," said Woodcraft.

Yet with so much going wrong during the past few days, Woodcraft says there's three things that have kept her going.

"The girls, I have to stay strong for them, I have to," said Woodcraft.

A benefit will be held on Tuesday from 5-8pm at King's River Christian Church at 4444 5th Street West in Bradenton. There will be food and games. All proceeds will go to the Daley Family.