Feasibility study looking into relocation of downtown bus station

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- Sarasota County Area Transit is considering moving the downtown bus transfer station on Lemon Avenue.

They are completing a feasibility study that is to be presented to Sarasota County commissioners upon completion.

Supporters of moving the bus stop argue that the downtown location creates traffic congestion, attracts undesirables into the area, and creates extra land for future development.

"The majority of the people that ride the bus are of a certain level as far as income goes, and we take the bus for a reason. I can’t see there really being a reason to take un-desireable people away from the downtown area. We are people as well,” says bus rider McArthur Walker.

"It has to be somewhere in central Sarasota; that’s where people are heading to from Manatee and North Port, and this is where the bus has to drop them off. I just think they have to investigate a little further," says resident Saul Rubenstein.

The most talked about sites for relocation are north of Fruitville Road, or closer to School Avenue, or possibly Ringling Avenue.