Fatal tiger attack on circus trainer caught on tape

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SARASOTA - Over the weekend, a 35-year-old tiger trainer lost his life in Mexico when one of the big cats attacked him during a circus performance. Alexander Suarez died from bite wounds and a loss of blood. A member of the crowd managed to capture the attack on camera. The video has since gone viral.

Lots of people are talking about the attack, especially in Sarasota. The area is no stranger to circus acts involving lions and tigers. In fact, Big Cat Habitat is featuring many of the animals during its Animal Extravaganza show taking place every weekend in February.

Clayton Rosaire, a trainer at Big Cat Habitat, says the weekend incident in Mexico hits home.  "It was just an accident. There was somebody doing what they loved and it didn't end up right at the end of the day. That also happens to guys doing motorcross and other kinds of sports," Rosaire said.

So why did the tiger attack? Rosaire says that what we as humans see as mauling, a tiger sees as playing.  "We have to remember that in many cases, cats play with things that they also eat," said Rosaire.