Family says North Port's 'Black Widow' responsible for 1st husband's death

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NORTH PORT, Fla. – The family of the first husband of North Port’s “Black Widow” says they have information that she had something to do with his death.

Janeene Jones of North Port has been convicted of trying to hire an undercover officer to kill her second husband and a former employee. She was sentenced to life in prison by a judge last week.

Last year, Jones was charged with solicitation to commit murder. She pleaded no contest to those charges. Prosecutors say Jones sought out a "hit" on a former employee who threatened to expose a rental scam in which she was involved.

She also tried to plan a hit on her husband, to cash in on his million dollar life insurance policy.

No charges have been filed in her first husband’s death.

ABC 7’s Josh Taylor is talking with the family of that first husband, and will have a report coming up Tuesday on ABC 7 News.

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