Family says 'Black Widow' is responsible for her ex-husband's death

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Posted: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 10:42 am

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. – This week we saw the chilling video of Janeene Jones -- aka the Black Widow -- trying to pay an assassin to kill her husband and another man. Now we are hearing from the family of Max Jones, Janeene's previous husband who died just a few years earlier.

They now feel she had something to do with his death.

Englewood resident Don Jones still carries in his wallet a photo of his late son Max. “My wife BJ said she liked his humor. He had the driest sense of humor."

He was shocked when the 51-year-old North Port man died suddenly in 2011. "Just heart failure."

That's what he says they were told by Max's wife of more than two decades, Janeene Jones -- the woman seen and heard saying "just snap his neck" on video as she tries to pay to have her next husband and another man killed.

Even before that video, the family has always been suspicious of the circumstances. “We were wondering why she didn't get him to the hospital," says Don Jones.

He was told Max laid sick in bed for days and was concerned with her lack of remorse.

Later they say they were told by one of the men Jones was trying to have killed that she admitted to taking part in Max’s death. "We think so. We can't prove it though. Nobody can. We think she helped him along."

By the way, they say Janeene Jones was the recipient of a $1 million life insurance policy.

They continue to hear the rumors. "That friend of hers where she inquired about medicines or drugs she could use to help kill her husband a few months ahead of when he died."

Then there are the postings on popular social media sites like the North Port Scoop on Facebook. "Jan was a family friend of ours, and about 5 yrs ago jan asked someone i knew if he could get some sort of medicine to kill her husband, and 2 other fiends had mentioned that jan also asked them the same thing, so there was more than 1 tip off........"

Jan, or Janeene Jones was sentenced last week to life in prison for trying to have the two men killed.

As far as the rumors about Max and what might or might not have happened, Assistant State Attorney Shanna Hourihan says technically it's still an open investigation. "We don't review cases until law enforcement has found that there is probable cause to support the crime. That is not something that has been brought to me."

Don says it would be hard to prove at this point. "She had him cremated so fast, we just could not prove anything."

He says what goes around comes around. Jeneene Jones was arrested on Max's birthday last year. And he says the sentencing of life for the crime caught on tape is enough for now. "It was justice for Max. She is the only one, and God is the only one who knows what happened. She won't tell."

A request to interview Jones from jail was denied.

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  • Coltsfan22 posted at 12:26 pm on Sat, Jun 28, 2014.

    Coltsfan22 Posts: 3

    Thank you so much for posting this. I'm so thankful to see more people speaking out on Max's side.

  • Coltsfan22 posted at 12:23 pm on Sat, Jun 28, 2014.

    Coltsfan22 Posts: 3

    Whoever you are, you need to think about what you are saying. If you want to preach about people getting their facts straight, you should probably do the same. Don Jones is a wonderful model father to his children. His other son lives with him and sees him everyday, and his daughter is in contact everyday. Don tried hard to keep contact with Max, but Jan was the reason behind his distance with his family. They attended a family dinner at Don Jones's house shortly before his death. They were invited to many dinners, but unfortunately for Max, most of those times were unattended due to Jan's selfishness. And yes, the family has tried to contact the kids, but sadly, they won't contact back. Don's other son and grandson attended Max's sons graduation (which was after Max's funeral by many months) and tried to keep contact, but nothing was returned. Nobody from the Jones family has said anything about sueing anybody, but apparently you think there is reason to. Get your facts together. Jan doesn't need to think about sueing anybody, she has stolen enough money from people. I'm thinking all the people who lived in those homes should sue her and get that $1,000,000 back from her.

  • Coltsfan22 posted at 12:07 pm on Sat, Jun 28, 2014.

    Coltsfan22 Posts: 3

    The last time that the Jones family tried to contact the kids was at Max's son's graduation. Max's brother and his son attended the graduation and tried to keep contact with him afterward. The reason Don doesn't know where his son lived when he died is because Jan was running a fake rental business and was turning forbidden foreclosed homes into profit for herself. She was rented foreclosed homes that were full of Chinese drywall to innocent people and their families. Of course they were secretive about their residence because it was illegal for her to be doing what she was doing and she didn't want to get caught. Max was sick from stomach problems, not heart problems, so yes, his death IS suspicious. I'm not understanding why this is being called "libel". If all of this was being said about some innocent, nice person, then, yes maybe it would be libel. BUT, this is someone who has videotaped evidence of her attempted murders. Jan has done more than something wrong in the family's minds. She acted as a vulture in 1997, when someone in the other side of the family had passed away and her belongings were being divided. Jan took many valuables that were supposed to be divided among the grandchildren, for herself. Some of those grandchildren didn't get anything to remind them of their own grandmother. She raided the family's homes when she walked into them, eating as much as she could at dinner and taking as much as she could home with her. She left Max with the kids while she was running around on him, many years ago. She treated every person in the Jones family as if they owed her something and should bow down to her. So, her selfish acts are the reason that the Jones family doesn't muster up a "hello" to when she walks in the door.

  • justgoaway posted at 3:47 pm on Thu, Jun 26, 2014.

    justgoaway Posts: 2

    Funny how none of any of you have any evidence, just "hearsay" kids told me, etc.,etc. I happen to know that this was investigated and there is "no there there" so all people are spreading is rumor and libel. Don Jones was hardly a model father to Max or his children, in fact I'd gander that none of them have had contact with Max's kids since Max's funeral, wow, what a close family, not. If anyone should sue the NPPD it is Jan Jones since they seem to relish in perpetuating this lie. Also, the news that loves to print half truths should probably be sued as well.

  • justgoaway posted at 11:47 am on Thu, Jun 26, 2014.

    justgoaway Posts: 2

    So I would ask the Jones family when the last time they had actually seen Max prior to his death or when the last time they saw or spoke with his children. Because I know that they were not really that close. Don Jones doesn't even know where his son died apparently according to another interview he gave. Rumor and conjecture are all nonsense and border what is called libel which is a civil offense, so perhaps some who want to see their name in print should use caution. Max was under the care of a qualified physician who signed his death certificate, and Max had been sick for a long time. I guess if his "family" knew that, then they are now making up stories. Maybe the next time they are in the same room as Max's daughter, they might actually muster up a "hello" to her, or has she done something wrong in your minds too.

  • thezman posted at 5:31 pm on Tue, Jun 24, 2014.

    thezman Posts: 1

    First I want to say how sorry I'm that Max's father Don Jones had no idea what happen to his son. Jan approached my kids about getting drugs, when I heard this I called the North Port Police. I told the Police that Jan Jones approached my kids about getting Drugs she wanted to use to kill her husband, this was around 3:00 am in the morning when I found this out. I immediately called the North Port Police to have them do a wellness check. Its my understanding the police went to the house to do a wellness check and the police told Jan I was the one that sent the Police over. I heard she was upset that I made this call. I was shocked the Police gave her my name.Now if the North Port Police would have done there job and made sure Max was well and if they would have spoken to us and many others she approached about getting drugs to kill Max, Max might still be alive today.When I heard from a friend that Max passed I again called the Police and told them what I knew and that I felt Jan Jones had something to do with the killing. The detective I spoke to at the time didn't seem to care. I hope Don Jones considers to sue the North Port Police because I feel they had plenty of opportunity to step in and take action, but they never did which to me is negligence on the North Port Police Department. I tried to reach out to Don Jones, I was told he lived in Michigan, I even told the detective that I made an attempt to reach Max's father in Michigan. If I only knew he lived in Englewood maybe some kind of intervention could have been done to save Max.


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