Family members upset at conditions at Sarasota Memorial Park

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SARASOTA - A Sarasota family says the conditions at their loved one's grave site aren't allowing them to rest in peace.

"It should be a place where family can come and remember and enjoy being with their loved ones," said Sue Norris.

Norris got extremely emotional when speaking about Sarasota Memorial Park, the cemetery both her grandparents and her father are buried.  "The conditions of the ground have deteriorated to the point where there is just patches with nothing but sand."

According to Norris, from the time she get out of her car she's walking through sand.  But that's just the beginning of her concern, because she says she's also dealing with ant infestations and a leaky roof has also created problems at her dads memorial bench.   "Rains come especially during the summer and it leaks off the roof and stains it."

Norris says she has reached out to cemetery management and the Florida Division of Funeral, Cemetery & Consumer Services, that the organization who set guidelines for the industry. But to no avail.

So, she says they've taken maters into their own hands.  "On the anniversary of my father's death, my mother got some help from friends and family and was able to put rocks down because the cemetery is just not doing it."

But not everyone agrees with Norris' views.  "l'm happy with it, my parents have been here for a number of years and its quite and peaceful, and very easy to get to, you can come any time you want. stay as long as you want" said Karen.

But Karen does admit, conditions at the cemetery could be better.  "Of course there is room for improvement on the grounds but l'm sure that will come."

But Norris isn't so optimistic, saying "The cemetery has told us they are doing everything they can to improve the conditions but we don't notice it."

Cemetery officials say they are aware of Norris' concerns, and are willing to make the necessary corrections the state says they need to make.  But, Florida Division of Funeral, Cemetery & Consumer services says they do not regulate grass growth.